Telephone Modular Plug RJ11 6P2C Connector for Phone Line Cord

USD0.01 - USD0.03 / pieces

500 pieces
20000pieces / Month
Style of connector: RJ11 6P2C Male plug (6 Position 2 Conductor)
Material of Housing: Durable Plastic PC,transparent
Material of pins: Copper 
Better mechanical and electrical
performance than 2 prong type
Easy to be crimped and will hold the wires
more tightly after crimping Useful life: More than 750 times
1000 pcs per bag
  • Make the telephone cable using this plug. Gold plated contact leads for better data transmitting and higher signal strength.
  • Telephone Modular Plug. The plugs offer support for phone,fax or voice applications in home or office abling systems.
  • [Parameters] A pack of 100 RJ11 (6P2C) modules plug, suitable for voice communication, six pins, transparent color.
  • [Compatibility] This connectors can be applied to telephone lines and widely used in home or office cable systems.
  • [Performance] Modular jack has clear plastic housing with pins purity of copper wire higher than 99.99% for Fast and accurate data transmission.  gold plated pins provide better contact and transmission performance.
  • [Convenience] Just make sure they are in the correct order before crimping the plugs, compatible with most styles and models of RJ11 crimping tools.